Privacy Policy
Protecting Your Privacy is Important to Me!

In just a few short years, the internet has revolutionized the way everyone does business. It allows us to interact with customers personally across time, space and boundaries. The internet provides us with the opportunity to offer information, listen to your opinions and to provide a host of real estate services that you can access from the convenience of your home or office. At the same time, this new technology brings with it legitimate concerns about privacy and security.

I recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of information collected about my customers and prospective customers. This privacy statement discloses what information is gathered, how it is used, and how to correct or change it. It is my intention to give you an understanding about how your Information is collected and the use I make of it in the course of my business.

As a licensed REALTOR®, I am dedicated to protecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal, business, and financial information at all costs. In fact, it is one of my highest priorities and remains the cornerstone of my commitment to you. If you choose to provide information, I promise to use vigorous security safeguards and adhere to my privacy principle to ensure that your personal information is well protected.

I collect, use and disclose information about you for a variety of reasons:
To identify you and verify any information you provide
To protect us both from error and fraud
To understand your needs, suitability and eligibility for products and services
To recommend particular products and services so I may serve you better
To meet legal requirements, such as asking you to provide the necessary information to verify your identity

This website uses cookies to record user-specific information on what pages users access or visit, record past user activity to provide better service when users return to this website and to customize web page content based on visitors' browser type or other information that the visitor sends.

Appropriate security measures are in place in our physical facilities to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information that we have collected from you at our site.

Your information will be protected from error, loss and unauthorized access. My procedures and systems are designed to ensure this security. I collect, use and disclose personal information only for purposes that a reasonable person would consider appropriate in the circumstances. As well, I never sell any information about my customers to others, and I only keep information as long as it is needed.

Your information is obtained or used only with your consent. I obtain your (express or implied) consent before I:

Offer you products and services
Obtain, use or disclose to other persons, information about you unless I am obliged to do so by law or to protect my interests
Use your information in any way I didn't tell you about previously.

You can withdraw your consent any time after you've given it to us, provided there are no legal requirements to prevent this, by contacting me.

You can choose not to receive direct marketing. The user can request, by email or phone, that my office alter their information.

I may tell you about products and services through direct mail, telephone, or other means. If you do not wish me to do so, please advise me.

Sharing your information with other people

I don't share information about you, except as is necessary to complete your real estate transaction, nor do I release it to anyone else, without your express or implied consent. However, there are some exceptions. For example, I may collect, use or disclose information without your consent if I:

am obligated or permitted to do so for legal reasons
use an outside company to do work for me involving some of your information.

You can review and make corrections to your information

You can review your personal information held by me and make corrections to it by contacting me. You may be asked to put your request in writing.


All inquiries or complaints regarding personal information or privacy issues can be forwarded to:

Elizabeth Stokely, Sales Representative
Keller Williams Ottawa Realty
Direct) 613-369-5764 Fax) 613-369-5765

If your inquiry or complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, please contact: Chief Privacy Officer, Keller Williams Ottawa Realty, Ottawa, ON K1S 4E6, 613-236-5959 Fax) 613-236-1515

You may also file a complaint with the federal government’s Privacy Commissioner at 112 Kent St., Ottawa ON K1A 1H3